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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Santa Cruz Action Raided!

Police and a clean-up crew arrived at the tree sit this morning and removed branches, lean-tos, supplies and other things from under the tree sit area. It was all put into a dumpster and hauled away. Then a street cleaner swept the parking lot. A cherry picker showed up and took one of the banners down from trees. About 30-40 protestors showed up to try to stop them. Protesters were not able to recover any items but have reclaimed the space. Police took photos of all the protesters that were there. The clean-up has made it easier to get vehicles under the trees and it may be the first step in trying to remove the tree sitters. Protesters have been concerned that the lack of students on campus over the holidays would leave the area vulnerable.
More from an email to HFD:

This morning, 10 or so pigs came into the UCSC treesit on science hill, they brought a cherry picker, a back hoe, a street sweeper, and a dump truck, took down the biggest banner hanging between two of the trees, and sitters went out on traverses to prevent the other banners from being cut down. They demolished the several stick forts on the site, they destroyed the raised garden, they removed all the rocks/sticks/stumps from the area, and then swept all of the duff away. Protesters re-claimed and then re-duffed the site. The sitters are safe in the trees and still being supported for now, but this is being viewed as an expiriment on the part of the pigs and the admin to test the response and clear the way for eviction. I've got to get to a meeting so thats all for now,

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