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Friday, November 9, 2007

BERKELEY OAKS ALERT from the Bay Area Coalition for Headwaters Nov. 8, 2007


As previously reported to this list this morning, construction equipment showed up early today at the threatened OAK GROVE on Piedmont Ave. near Bancroft Way, at the top of UC Berkeley campus. They are carrying out work to erect a bigger, taller, more formidable SECOND FENCE around a larger perimeter of the the trees, WHICH STILL HAVE TREE SITTERS IN THEM. In a letter to Judge Barbara Miller, UC Berkeley stated that the purpose of the new fence (which they are erecting at this moment) is to "establish a larger security perimeter PRIOR TO REMOVAL of the tree-sit protesters."Support from the community at the grove is critical at this time. We do not know when they will begin yanking tree-sitters out of trees. It could be today; it could be tomorrow. UC has not stated WHEN they intend to extract the protesters, but they have stated clearly that they do intend to do so. PLEASE COME to a Community RALLY and vigil at 4:30pm at the Oak Grove TODAY ! UC's action in erecting this fence is reckless and infringes on the rights of everyone to enjoy this sacred site. Please join us today at 4:30pm for a life-affirming gathering of everyone who supports the oak grove. PLEASE FORWARD to all your friends who care about the oaks.
For the trees, the folks at BACH
-- Bay Area Coalition for Headwaters (BACH)2530 San Pablo Ave.Berkeley, CA 94702phone: 510 548 3113email: bach@headwaterspreserve.org

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