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Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Tree-sit in UC Santa Cruz

So I was looking through indy news and found this comment on:

"Tree Sitters!!! Lesley-Reid Harrison Imagine my surprise when I hop of the bus this morning to police cordoning off the parking lot directly outside the Physical Sciences Building ..... road rage in the parking lot??? It's not even 8 in the morning I think.... but NO it's better than that .... we have 2 platforms about 4 stories high in the red woods - activists protesting the LRDP! CONTINUA ALUTA!!!! "

This is the second(that I know of) tree-sit set up to protest a University of California campus clearcut. And yes, it is a clearcut when the trees are replaced by concrete, asphault, dorm rooms and the most ridiculous, a sports traning center in UC Berkeley. Why is it so hard for the atheletes to walk from a location further than right outside the stadium? Is it too far for the muscle bound inspiring sport's stars to walk a little furthur than right in front of the stadium? How spoiled can you get? Must be getting ready for the NFL and the perks of the professional sponsored athelete.

Now you have another action to protect greenspace, at the UCSC campus. How will/have the overall residents of Santa Cruz support this action? Although the Berkeley has overwhelming support by the community, the fact is that they are both state "institutions", and not necessarily subject to local control. In other words, the state has power over local government and enforcement. So my question is, why would a city give up local control to house a UC, CS, etc?

This should set a precedent for cities across the state. Those who feel that local control should be kept to protect the community may want to consider the downsides of hosting a State campus, correctional facility, or military base, whether it is the decision of the community or not. Direct action should be taken against any force that threatens the ideals or values of the local community and it's resources.


Atlatl said...

I heard someone say there is a tree sit going on here at Humboldt State, but I haven't heard anything about it and am doubtful. Has anyone else heard that?

White Rabbit said...

In Humboldt County, two tree-sits, Fern Gully and Nanning Creek.
At HSU, none I know of. The Arcata community forest is being logged or will be soon. All info on local treesits is available from this site.