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Thursday, January 27, 2011

An urgent message from Richardson Grove Action Now!

For Immediate Release January 27, 2011

Mass RALLY at CalTrans: NO Road Widening Through Richardson Grove!
Contact: Richardson Grove Action Now (707) 602-7551,

Richardson Grove Action Now announces and invites all to a mass RALLY at CalTrans in Eureka.

Protect the forest and our future. Resist Invasion.

Rally on Monday, Feb 7th at NOON
CalTrans District 1 Headquarters
1656 Union St. (Union and Wabash)

Bring anything you want to express yourself!

For info or to get more involved contact Richardson Grove Action Now, call
(707) 602-7551 or email

Update: A Critical ride to Save Richardson Grove just added to Monday's events!

Also, on Sunday Feb 6th, the day before the rally...
If you're in Southern Humboldt, go to the Garberville Town Square at noon to commemorate the political legacy of Bob Marley on his birthday with a celebratory and craft-making event in preparation for Monday's mass rally at Cal Trans District 1 Headquarters in Eureka. Come organize rideshares and rally spectacles!

Sunday February 6th, Bob Marley Birthday Celebration and Preparation for Rally at CalTrans Headquarters.

Monday February 7th, mass Rally to protest the road widening plan through Richardson Grove. Noon at CalTrans District 1 Headquarters at Union and Wabash
in Eureka.


Anonymous said...

You guys need to pick a different day. Caltrans is closed on Monday the 7th to observe Ronald Reagans 100th birthday.

Jeff Muskrat said...

Not a National Holiday. Where's your proof? And would it even matter if CT was open or not? They'll just hide in their fortress anyways...

Anonymous said...

Is there a similar event planned? I'm new to bicycle riding but I'm ready to protest and celebrate!

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