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Friday, February 4, 2011

Banner unveiled at Redwood Curtain entrance

We just received this from "Richardson Grove Action Now":

For immediate release:


According to the Transportation Engineering website, "the most important function of Highway Systems is to ensure the defense readiness capability of public highway infrastructure and establish policy on how the DOD[Department of Defense] uses the public highway system."

Homeland Security measures are a high priority in highway construction projects. Left unchecked, we are facing potential invasion from land and sea--increased accessibility for military convoys on our highways and Navy dominance of our oceans.

We know that the Highway 101 expansion is supported by the U.S. military and so-called defense agencies who wish to have greater access and control of the people and natural resources of this region.

There may be a lot Caltrans isn't telling us about the real motivations and funding of the project.

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