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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

My Stand for the Oaks

Running Circles around the Cops:

Coming Down From the Redwood:

Well, I guess the cat is out of the bag. But all for a good cause. I said farewell to the Berkeley Tree sitters, and descended to the police waiting below. I felt that I had given the energies that I had to help the heroic sitters, who are being starved out by a long-term police blockade of a healthy resupply. Despite the fact that the UC has "graciously" allowed the sitters ER Bars and water, I was not considered by the UC to be deserving of the flour and corn syrupy "treat".

When I decided to jump up the tree last Sunday on my own, it was because I was outraged at the treatment of the resupply crew on Sundays. As I caught grannies being pushed and pummeled by violent and heartless cops(can anyone SCREAM excessive force?), I felt a sense of urgency and necessity as I stared at the smashed fruit cups and vegetables on the ground, food for good intentions from peace loving and gracious souls, I couldn't believe that the cops could violate such a noble and compassionate ritual. I couldn't comprehend why cops were waving knives and razorblades in the air, trying to cut the resupply line, threatening to slash on mothers and grandmothers as they trampled everything and everyone to the ground.

I grabbed a small bag and headed for the southeast corner of the grove. I had to act immediately. I had to rouse the spirits of those who have faced such oppression and violence from UCPD over the past year and a half. I had to bring hope to a somewhat hopeless situation. There would be no compromise and action would be taken NO MATTER WHAT!

The rest of the story is unimportant. My point is that we can use our fear and turn that feeling into personal power. As actions become harder and harder to complete due to violence from cops, COINTELPRO tactics and the paranoia associated, or group consensus breakdown and ego-tripping from hierarchies, THIS SHOULD NOT DISCOURAGE YOU. THIS SHOULD ONLY COMPEL YOU TO TAKE ACTION AND MAKE CHANGE HAPPEN.

How many times have you regretted in your life that had you only have said something? Done something? What stopped you? Was it fear of what others may think? Fear of stepping up alone? Is it not our objective to go against the larger group, in most cases the system? Is your idea or plan not to terms with the consensus? Can you make a difference with the right intentions by acting on your own? Then do it. Don't let the fear generated by the system and it's brutality towards humanity stop you or make you hesitate!

I am amazed at the efforts of so many dedicated Oaks Defenders, both on the ground and in the trees. Everyone's heart is in the action. And the Oaks have so many important reasons to stand. You can feel the energy from the activists and the Trees. It is empowering to stand with brothers and sisters who are so magic and powerful, who are such individuals and beautiful characters. Just like each tree is different, with it's own look, personality, energy and reason for existing. I'm honored to have been arrested for defending these amazing spirits with my brothers and sisters. I have no regrets.

Please come help us. We need you now...


Anonymous said...

Right On, Jeff! I am so proud of you and everyone speaking up for what they know is right. It's funny how boldness seems to come with age sometimes. Wish I could be there to fight the good fight with you. Love, prayers, and support.- Tawny

Tawny said...

Right On, Jeff! I'm so proud of you and everyone for standing up for what they know is right. Isn't it funny how boldness seems to come with age sometimes? Keep up the good work. Wish I could be there to help you fight the good fight. But I'll send my Love and support. - Tawny

Jeff Muskrat said...

Thank you Tawny!

If boldness comes with age, look out plunderers of the Earth! I'm only getting started :)