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Sunday, July 6, 2008

Are you a "Ninja"? Can YOU sneak into the Berkeley Oak Grove?

UCPD officers continue the round the clock blockade of gear, supplies and sitters. UC Berkeley has supplied the sitters rations of "food" and water, however, the "May-Day" so-called food bars are junk, full of hydrogenated oils and corn syrup.

Besides the fact the the food conditions are deplorable, the sitters need company, gear, and nothing short of a miracle. Attempts at resupplying the Oaks Grove have had compromises in security. Oaks Defenders are being followed throughout Berkeley by undercover agents, as well as UCPD patrols. Meetings are being crashed by infiltrators. Actions have failed due to the fact that the UCPD has been one step ahead, increasing patrol at planned locations and times.

A "spy" Thursday night was surrounded by Oaks Defenders who caught him listening in behind a wall near the meeting spot. He was a tall, white gentleman with a non-discript British or possibly Australian accent in his forties. He claimed to have an interest in helping the Oaks, then attempted to morally defeat the Oaks cause, and then finally proceeded to verbally attack individual activists with sensitive personal information about their identities.

Due to the large size of affinity action groups, security compromises are almost certain. However, it is important not to alienate activists or create an atmosphere of paranoia. The Oaks Treesit needs your help right now. Group actions will continue to take place. However, the Oaks are in need of professional ïndividual inspired assistance.

This is a call for "Ninja's" with climbing experience to break the lines and sneak into the grove. There is a need for sitters and setters to occupy and set the oaks below the Coast Redwood Stronghold. Most importantly, a network of traverse lines need to be set to allow sitters and supplies to reach the defenders who are held hostage by the network of cops and fences surrounding the grove. This is vital for the defense of this action.

Police presence(8-12 officers) is around the clock near the front of the grove on Piedmont, west of the stadium. Private security watches the perimeter of the stadium, concentrating on the North and South of the stadium. The East is practically open, aside from an 8' chain link fence without barbed wire. The issue with the East is that private security can view anyone who walks around the stadium.

Inside the Oak grove, two 10' chain link top barbed wire barriers surround the action. However, these fences can/have allowed easier access from the ground up into the Oaks. The double fences are to keep defenders and supplies out. But they can also help by keeping the police in/out. The distance between the double fences is 10-15' with climbable Oaks near the west in between the fences. Piedmont has the highest police presence.

It is recommended for anyone who partakes in this action to take the time to observe the movements by security and police. The area is very large, and it takes a lot of personnel to secure. UCPD in dark blue uniforms are often congregating under the Oaks and near the stadium front(west). Private security in yellow jackets are stuck at their posts away from the action.

This "mission" is yours if you choose to take it. No group affinity or consensus is necessary, just a love for peace, trees and their defenders.

And of course, this message will self destruct in 5 seconds.


Rose said...

Nobody cares. Don't you get it? the ones who made their bones off Julia Butterfly Hill had something to gain from it. They don't stand to gain any money or power making a big deal out of your issue - you've been left in the dust. They do not care.

Your high ideals, if that's where you are coming from, mean nothing to the power brokers - and I ain't talkin' Republicans.

This is just sad, man.

leadpipepost said...

You should check the news, Rose. People DO care. That's what gives me hope!

People who care should come to the Berkeley tree sit at 2 pm this Sunday. Here is an announcement about it.

Dear Caring People,

We will be holding an interfaith ceremony this Sunday, July 13th at 2pm, at the Memorial Oak Grove. As you may know, a broad community has formed to save this grove from destruction and to convince the University of California not to proceed with a foolish plan for a gym at this site. We have been holding on with lawsuits, love and prayer, and protest, most notably a group of young tree sitters, in the hopes of awakening to the importance of consciousness toward the environment and community values.

We ask you to join us this Sunday in a circle to share prayer, inspirational words, and song to inspire our community in this difficult time of struggle. We also will offer prayer for the Oak Grove and the living Earth.

We will meet at 2pm for a circle on the lawn, just north of the grove. We encourage people of faith to share briefly with the circle. After we plan to have a short procession.

Traditionally we have been sending food and nourishment to the tree sitters at this time and some will attempt to do so following the ceremony and procession. You are invited to witness or participate as you feel. The tree sitters are requesting sacred texts, holy books as part of their nourishment if you would like to give that.

Thank you for being involved at this very crucial time,
Terri Compost

Please forward this or invite any others you feel would be like to participate and call if you have questions, 510 658-9178 or 510-938-2109.