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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

New Photos from Green Diamond's Strawberry Rock THP

Here are new photos from Unit E and Unit D. General locations for photos can be found by clicking on map for each photo on the ForestDefense Flicker page. Note that the fire scars from the Stump Town fire can be seen on all of the older Redwoods, which would make these trees over 60-80 years old. Unit E contains some of the largest trees left on local Green Diamond timber lands and is the general hiking route for visitor to Strawberry Rock.

Previous photos on this stream are labeled and are from Unit A and Unit B which are pretty hammered. The trees in these units are almost dead except for some larger trees in the select cut areas in Unit A. These larger Redwoods in Unit A are not as large as the Redwoods in the clear cut and select cut areas of Units D and E. However, Unit A will be most visible from the 101 as well as Strawberry Rock.

Units B and C appear to be suffering from what most of Green Diamond's hammered timber lands are suffering from. Years and years of clear cutting, top soil run off and loss of biomass which helps the already poor clay soil hold water. The redwoods in these units are drying up and and yellowing, the foliage is very sparse. But the Jack Pines are doing great in these dry and poor soil conditions. Unfortunately, Green Diamond will be clear cutting these units and most likely will replant them with Redwoods that will also have the same problems.

More information available at This blog is not affiliated with the above blog site, but would like to be and really appreciate their work on getting the word out about these tragic clear cuts. ;)

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