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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Richardson Grove Update-CALTRANS Pressing Ahead-Richardson Grove Project To Start February, 2011

Artist conception of 101 through Humboldt County after the Big Box invasion

We have urgent and last ditch efforts to make ahead of this looming CALTRANS deadline. In spite of the fact that two lawsuits have been filed (one in Federal Court in San Francisco under NEPA and one in State Court under CEQA that has been moved to Humboldt County) CALTRANS is pressing ahead.

Right now they are applying for one of the last permits needed from the Regional Water Control Board. Comments are due by DECEMBER 10 so we need to act quickly.
Letters need to be sent to:
Also, please see this article at:
which shows how CALTRANS does not hesitate to pollute our waterways - their claims that they do no damage are entirely bogus.

As you are aware, we have a new Governor-elect so let's put some pressure on Jerry Brown to stop this madness. Jerry made an election-eve appearance at the Samoa Cookhouse and is familiar with Humboldt County and voters here helped to elect him. Let's try for some payback! Encourage him to put the project on hold pending further review or, ideally, stop it completely. Send emails to:
or mail to:
Governor-elect Jerry Brown
c/o State Capitol, Suite 1173
Sacramento, CA 95814.

Remember, these STAA trucks negotiate the Grove every day without incident. This project is merely make-work for CALTRANS and will prove not just damaging to the ancient trees but to the way of life we favor in this County. Let's take a lesson from the Tea Party and activate our grassroots support to take action - we can do it!


Anonymous said...

YES!!!! I am so excited! We are going to get that road realigned and no Redwoods will be harmed, just a few lil ole tanoaks.

Anonymous said...

I can't wait! It is about time!

Anonymous said...

WooHoo!! Look at that multlane highway, and think of how many good construction jobs that would produce!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

That is some photoshoped photo...really? Are people that stupid to think that even exists anywhere in the world?? Come on that's just stupid.

Jeff Muskrat said...

Thanks for all four of your moronic rants, Anonymous(if that is your real name). It's always amazing to discover a new level of ignorance.

I find it most interesting that no one(including you) wants to put their name or face on such an unpopular and damaging project.

If excavating five feet around the fragile and shallow root systems of these ancient trees is not damaging to the trees, then prove it.

And it's not a few small tan oaks, it's the removal of 54 trees up to 2 feet diameter. Any hardwood this DBH would definitely qualify as an old growth tree. Furthermore, it is against federal law to alter or damage State Parks!

No, no photo shop. It's pirated off the Caltrans website. I feel it demonstrates many of the fears that the people of Humboldt County have against a Big Box invasion.

If you don't like our little paradise, MOVE!

Anonymous said...

Please provide the link to this "orginal" photo. Fear sells doesn't it Jeff?

Jeff Muskrat said...

I'll give you the link when you start blogging with an identity.

Anonymouses such as yourself have no merit in your words, hiding behind a generic false identity.

You could at least make up a name...

Fear sells? Is that a question or a statement for Fox news shareholders?

I thought the photo and caption are quite funny, just igoogle Caltrans, first page, towards the bottom. It's not shopped by me and I have no clue where the photo came from, and could care less...

Anonymous said...

The more you talk, Jeff, the less people are listening. The project is a minor widening at three locations. It will happen. If you don't like, you should move. I am not going anywhere and neither are any of the other sensible people of Humboldt County. You are a crazed loon and everyone knows it.

Anonymous said...

Wow Jeff! You don't believe in freedom of speach? Put my comment back up!

Jeff Muskrat said...

It's not a "minor widening". Otherwise, there would be little or no concern from the environmental community. The massive response against this project by major environmental groups reaffirms this fact.

I never removed your comment, Mr./Ms. Anonymous(es). I did go in and remove some multiple posts that you likely made. I suggest you allow a few minutes for your comments to post.

I cannot help that this blog does not contain the type of instant gratification that you so much desire in your support of paving paradise. Hence, the suggestion for you to relocate to your nearest Chili's and/or Red Lobster.

Please re-post if it pleases you.