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Thursday, December 16, 2010


From Humboldt Herald:

"Good news for Eureka salmon, spotted owls

The environment-rich Ryan Creek watershed may get its death sentence commuted in a deal that would protect forest and fish habitat by ditching most development plans.

The Times-Standard reports that logging company Green Diamond is working with the Trust for Public Land on a plan that could keep the area that borders the City of Eureka in timber production and create a community forest rather than subdivide it.Depending on the way the forest is managed, it appears to be an idea that everyone could support."

Yeah! Right...

But here is the interesting part:

"A smaller portion could be retained for development."

The article continues:

And though it’s not mentioned in the article, the area has been a focal point of protest and civil disobedience for the past two years and would no doubt have been clear-cut in preparation for development if not for the efforts of local activists. (The McKay Tract)


Five Towns Air Conditioning & Vent Cleaning said...

Good to catch all these updates here.There is a lot we have to do for the environment as there is already too much contamination and pollution.

Jeff Muskrat said...

We need to protect our green spaces and wildlife corridors. These areas are rapidly shrinking as our population explodes unsustainably...