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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Kirk Girard pulls eminent domain on Cutten resident over Ridgewood Village Project

[forwarded message]
I was shocked to read in the paper recently, that Kirk Girard said they would take the property they need, belonging to Sharon Yost, by eminent domain if she refused to sell her property to make a new road for the Ridgewood Village Project.
Ridgewood Village is a proposed subdivision plan for the Cutten area. After reading that, I contacted Sharon Yost and asked her to send me a petition to sign.
Here is information and e-mail contacts to write letters if you are also not in favor of this project, you are not in favor of all the clearcutting of the forest it will entail, and/or you are against the idea of taking a person's property by eminent domain::
Thanks for all you do,

Dear T,
Thank you for your concern regarding the Ridgewood Village Project and eminent domain. I encourage you to write many letters of protest and pass the word to everyone you know. This is going to affect everyone in Eureka City and County! It is not just the Cutten residents. Also, please put the word out about this Thurs, Sept 23, Supervisor's chambers at 6 PM to protest this train wreck!
Here is the website for concerned citizens:
Here are the email addresses to send letters to the Supervisors, Planning Dept., Planning Commission, etc.:


Anonymous said...

You understand that all of Cutten is slated for development and has been for 30 years, right? And that the Ridgewood plot is already encircled by subdivisions, right? And that the developers offered to retain more than half the land as a community forest, right? And that if the neighbors get their way, the same land could instead be developed as individual projects (as is the tradition in this county) over the same 30 year timespan, except without the community forest and without the far-reaching community planning, right?

I'm just checking, because it seems like you'd be far more opposed to the alternative.

I suppose you might believe Cutten won't get developed, but the county has growth mandates dictated by the state. This is a shoving match, and the state is much stronger than us.

Anonymous said...

You don't seem to realize you and the NIMBYs are on different sides. This is a medium/high density development, meaning lots of people in a smaller space. Worse, it has apartments and other housing for the unwashed masses.

The NIMBYs aim to make it a low density development, which means fewer people over the same space. The trees get cut either way, but if the NIMBYs win, it means more of Cutten gets developed because the county is that much farther from reaching its state-mandated goals.

Anonymous said...

Consider that even if it's not developed, the owners could file timber harvest plans and clear-cut it anyway. The Cutten neighbors would have no say in this if the THP's were approved by the state.

Anonymous said...

8:11, Google the company. I did. The first thing I found was the first safe harbor agreement with the Fish & Wildlife Service being struck with this company for Spotted Owl habitat. From what I've read, they selectively harvest trees, meaning they walk the land and handpick trees. I don't think they'd clearcut.

Second, the land is zoned residential. Homes are going to be built. It's a question of how many people you put on a piece of land. The most environmentally friendly approach is to put more, rather than less, people because less people means you have to clear even more land to build even more houses.

The NIMBYs oppose high density development, but high density is the future of Humboldt if we want to save our forests.

Jeff Muskrat said...

You can post as much misinformation as you want, Anonymous(s?).

What matters is the forests and property rights of individuals over corporations. It's funny that you state that forests must be clear cut for high density residential to save the forests.

Where I appreciate your comments, the over usage of the term "NIMBY" does not justify your comments and only makes your argument into an attack on environmentalists.

There is no justification for suburban sprawl when there is plenty of unused and even abandoned space in downtown Eureka...

BTW, check out for tree-sits against Green Diamond's development plans.