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Friday, August 6, 2010

August 9th is Cotton Day...

August 9th is Cotton Day.

Redwood Curtain CopWatch and PEOPLE PROJECT call on you to March and Speak Out Against Police Brutality on Monday, August 9th. We march on August 9th to keep the memory alive of Martin Cotton, a houseless man beat to death by police on August 9, 2007.

We will meet at 13th and Summer Streets in Eureka, a block from Food For People at 1:00pm. Then, we will march and speak out, talking with people on the way about the police violence that stole Martin's life and continues against houseless people every day.

At 4:30pm on Cotton Day, please join us at the foot of F street on the Humboldt Bay to share dinner and to Remember Martin in a Peaceful Setting. When dark comes, we will have a candlelight vigil..

Cotton Day starts at 1:00 pm on the corner of 13th and Summer, less than two blocks from DMV and Food For People.

We will begin marching by 2pm and gather at the waterfront by 4:30pm.

Some of Martin's family will be with us to share this day. August 9th- Cotton Day.

Please call (707) 442-7465 for more information and go to to see our VIDEO INVITATION.

Please get in touch if you can help making signs, food, or anything else!

To read more about Martin's death click this link:

"Cotton Day" Song of Remembrance for Martin Cotton II

Click the link below to hear the song "Cotton Day" by Two Smooth Stones.


Tom Sebourn said...

Thanks for the remembrance. People forget.

Did you see this?

Jeff Muskrat said...

No I did not. Thanks Tom!

I heard Darryl's working on a movie about him and Judi.