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Friday, June 4, 2010

West Coast EF! Rondy - June 11-13

For all those who love Ancient forests and wild spaces (and those who enjoy being alive, thanks to these forests and wild places!)... are invited to join us in the trees for another summer of resistance!

The West Coast Regional Earth First! Rendezvous and Cascadia Forest Defender's Action Camp will be taking place June 11th through 13th.

This will be an opportunity to sharpen direct action and forest skills and connect to people with similar skills/interests. This will also be THE BEST WAY to join CFD's summer campaign to defend Oregon's native forests.

Workshops include:

Climb trainings
State of Oregon's forests
Field surveying
Know your rights
Government repression and the Green Scare
Wilderness survival
... and much more!

- sleeping bag and tent
- clothes for sun, rain, and swimming
- water bottle and extra water
- flashlight and batteries
- that good ol fire in your soul
- passion, enthusiasm, ideas, and skills
- food: there will be communal meals, but please bring snack food, extra food for yourself, and food to donate to the kitchen
- your own bowl, cup, spoon, fork, and knife
- willingness to help out and participate
- sunscreen and bug repellent (if you need em!)
- instruments
- extra tarp to contribute to camp! You will get this back.

Camp will be within one hour's drive East of Eugene in the Mckenzie Watershed. Location is accessible by a public bus line. Stay tuned for directions and more information.

Updates can be found at:

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