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Monday, May 3, 2010

Taking a Stand at the Humboldt County Board of Supes meeting

Listen now to the Richardson Grove KMUD press conference from May 27th, 2010 thanks to KMUD Radio. Support local radio=support your local commmunity

View the video from the board of Supes Meeting

Thank you to all who spoke at the supervisors meeting, including those who attended for other agenda reasons but were inspired to speak up for Richardson Grove. I would also like to thank Clif for allowing everyone to have their voices heard. This is the basis for our democracy.

To learn more about the RIP(Richardson Grove "Improvement" Plan), please visit Here is where you will also find links to the Caltrans project page, as well as the numerous RG coalition groups such as EPIC, Intertribal Sinkyone Wilderness Council, Humboldt Watershed Council and the Center for Biological Diversity, just to name a few. I implore concerned citizens to make their own decisions, and not buy into the Caltrans PR campaign funded by "our" Headwaters Fund to promote this controversial project.

The meeting will be aired on public access and I suggest that you view it since it was quite a lively event, reminiscent of the code enforcement turnouts of the past. There were at least 70 or more speakers/supporters of Save Richardson Grove, despite the fact that the Times-Standard downplayed the turnout to 30. I appreciate the Lumberjack for not being compromised in reporting a much less than actual attendance. As the meeting commenced, Clif immediately told public comment participants who traveled from as far as Ukiah that the usual 3 minute allotment for comment would be reduced to one minute only.

This created quite an uproar, and Clif threatened to close the meeting and have everyone escorted out. Fortunately, Clif came to his senses and allowed 30 minutes to be devoted for RG public comment, allowing only 30 speakers one minute each. This may have created the confusion regarding the number of reported attendees reported by the T-S. Or maybe something else caused this misconception, such as bias from the Times-Standard, which has downplayed project opposition from the get go.

The public was allowed to speak as the public comment period was extended for two hours. Despite the fact that only one minute was allowed per person, this was fair, as well as appreciated. I however would implore Clif to recuse himself from the Richardson Grove issue if the council allows the issue to be heard on agenda due to the fact that Clif has publicly taken sides with Caltrans while ignoring his constituents concerns.

Direct action to protect Richardson Grove was mentioned by multiple speakers but not reported by the press. Our supervisors now have an obligation to be proactive in dealing with this issue, as they now have an opportunity to represent the concerns of their constituents and give negotiations a chance before Direct Action is used to protect our State Park.

Otherwise, legal and safety concerns synonymous with Direct action activities may have been avoided if our supes had actually done their jobs and represented the interests of local residents, instead of non-local developers and big boxes. (If you want to know where our supervisors interests lie, follow the non-local campaign contributions.) The freedom and safety of their constituents is in their hands.

Save Richardson Grove has already accomplished multiple victories in the fight to save our State Park and the Redwood Curtain entrance. Caltrans was going to push the project through without an Environmental Impact Report, but was forced to conduct an EIR due to public outcry. This project is in violation with federal law and the fact that the project is unnecessary and will damage the ancient trees that line the highway(admitted in Caltrans' DEIR) has riled up a large and diverse group of concerned residents, environmental organizations and business owners.

This fight to Save Richardson Grove has been going on for more than three years, but this is still only the beginning. Your help is needed now and with your support, we will prevail!

PS. Extra special thanks to PARC(Peoples Action for Rights and Community) for attending and feeding us the wonderful and yummy food made with love outside of the courthouse after the supes meeting. It is to my understanding that they hold a ""Food not Bombs" style feed every Tuesday. Support PARC and support your community!

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