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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Redwood Curtain Action Camp

-Update- 05-26-2010

Set up begins on Friday at 4pm. Trainings are to be held Saturday through Sunday. Scroll down for location. We will be visible :)

Be prepared to camp. Here is a suggestion list of what you may need to make your stay comfortable. Keep in mind that the community will help you if you cannot afford food, shelter, etc. Scroll down to the 5-23-10 update for a list of needs for the camp out, we still need donations and supplies.

This is going to be fun, awesome, and inspiring! See you on Friday evening, just south of Richardson Grove State Park. Look for banners, signs and the group, you can't miss us :)

-Tent or tarp shelter((2) 4' X 8' tarps)
-Sleeping bag, rated at least 40 degrees(or warmer)
-Sleeping pad or blow up camp mattress(optional)
-Personal garbage bag
-Toilet Paper and Sundries(toothpaste, soap, etc.)
-Blissware(dish, cup, and utensils)
-Water(gallon size works great)
-Pocket knife
-Headlamp or flashlight
-Warm/hot weather clothing
-Wet and cool weather clothing(no cotton, wool is best)
-Lightweight and nonperishable "emergency" food(energy bars, bread, peanut butter, jelly, granola, jerky,etc.)
-Other food items, needs, wants, etc. Remember, sharing is caring :)
-Small day pack

One of the problems of "camping out" is bringing too much stuff. Please be prepared, but also keep in mind that weighing yourself down too much can be very uncomfortable. There will be plenty of available parking on site, auto camping is permitted.

There is to be no oppression or hierarchy at this event. However, please respect the opinions and views of others in their personal choices, such as keeping vegetarian and omnivore food items separate.

We are also asking participants to refrain from using medicinal "drugs" or alcohol at meetings, trainings, workshops and other group events. There will be plenty of time for that around the campfire. Camps and campfire circles will also have separate intoxicant free areas.

If you feel the need to imbibe or partake in alcohol or medicinal "drugs", please do so away from the events, trainings and workshops in order not to distract or detract from the importance of what the group is trying to achieve in regards to these crucial trainings and workshops.

Since this is an "open event", your participation is at your own risk. No one, especially the property owner, is liable or responsible for any injuries or damages during, after or from this event. Participants are required to pay a sliding scale admission fee of at least ONE PENNY and to sign a liability release before entering the property.

So many of you are asking "Where exactly is the location?" That's a secret... :)

The location is just south of Richardson Grove State Park. Just look for the banners, signs and people.

We'll see you Friday evening for setup. All are invited at any time during the event, so if you cannot make it for the entire weekend, please come check us out at your convenience.

This will be a fun, safe and inspiring environment. We can't wait to see you there! :)

-Update- 05-23-2010

Wow! We are getting such a huge response from people wishing to help out with action camp by bringing food, supplies, skills, music, art and great vibes!

Here is a partial list so far. So much is being added as we get closer Friday the 28th. Remember, this is your action camp! So bring what you feel will make this experience fun, peaceful, colorful, inspiring, and above all important to you :)
Provisions and supplies:

What we still need:
-Water containers
-Buckets for dishes, etc.
-Food and donations for food(If you are a carnivore, that's great but please bring your own meat and grill!)
-Pots, pans, stove, grill(veggie and non)etc.
-Cordage and stakes
-Easy ups
-Toilet seats
-Used and unneeded 5 gallon buckets w/lids
-Plastic bags
-Solar Shower
-Extension Cords
-Large Dry Erase Board and dry erase pens and/or Chalkboard

What we have:
-(1) 4 person tent
-(1) 5gal water container
-(3) tarps
-(2) buckets, 2 gal
-(2) 4 piece sets of camp dishes
-(3) 2 lg. pots, 1 sm.
-(2) cast iron skillets, reg.
-(1) free-standing 2 burner stove w/propane tank
-(1) lg. griddle
-assorted utensils
-assorted cordage
-dishes, utensils, pots and pans, tarps

What we need:

-Signs and banners(small, medium and large)
-Music and instruments
-PA system
-Portable power/inverter

What we have so far:
-lot's of musical equipment, including a couple of amplifiers.

This list of material needs will be update with your responses by email (humboldtforestdefense(at)gmail(dot)com or comments on this post.


This is an open forum. The following trainings and skills are being offered at this point. Aside from Non-violence and Direct action trainings, topics could be anything from gender related issues, non-oppression and group social skills, backwoods and canopy survival, climb trainings, water purification, herbs and medicine, CPR and First Aid, etc. ,etc....

-Non-violence and Direct Action Trainings by multiple trainers with different focuses.
-Climb Trainings and "The Ropes"
-First Aid
-Backwoods and Ground Support
-Edible and Medicinal local Herbs and Mushrooms
-Cooking for Groups
-Singing and Dancing
-Art and Face Painting

My vision is for everyone to take a lead in bringing their own knowledge and experiences to each training that inspires them, to be taught by single individuals or groups, in which individuals in the audience may interact with questions and additional info in the standard stack method. Trainings will be scheduled daily in the AM after breakfast circle and/or as to trainer's availability. NO ONE will be talked over, oppressed, undervalued or discouraged. The goal is to encourage positive behavior, and address negative behavior and disruptions as a group pro actively.

We all need to keep the vibe safe, peaceful, positive and inspiring. All of us are on "Vibe Patrol".

I'm completely open to your suggestions on this, and invite trainers to basically do their own thing in their own unique style. That is truly our strength and I feel that ANYONE can and should volunteer to train on any subject relevant to, well... pretty much everything that interests you about this campaign, social issues and forest defense.

A schedule will be circulated by email(humboldtforestdefense(at)gmail(dot)com after your responses, so trainers please list your availability between the dates May 28th-30th and whether or not your training is time or day sensitive.

This is a very exciting moment for all of us! This will be a great opportunity to come together and share our passion for the ancient redwoods that make the Redwood Curtain. This is non-exclusive. All are invited. It's time to come in peace and share our similarities, for which you will find are not rarities :)

For the Trees always!


-Update- 05-18-2010

The two trees removed at Leggett were both Douglas Firs, one approximately 3' DBH and another around 4' DBH:

“Route 101 (92.5/98.9) – PG&E of Eureka has been granted a Caltrans Encroachment Permit for utility maintenance and tree trimming from 0.5 mile south of the Jitney Gulch Bridge to 0.4 mile south of Confusion Hill. Work hours are 7AM to 4PM, weekdays. One-way traffic control will be in effect. Motorists should anticipate 10-minute delays.

Caltrans personnel were sighted at the project site. It is unknown why the sizable trees were removed, or why the larger tree was removed due to the fact that it was located on the opposite side of the highway from the PG and E power lines.

Original Post:


I'm forwarding this to all unopposed to Richardson grove direct action, trainers, forest defenders, etc. Please forward far and wide to likewise interested humans. Exact location to be announced...

The ancient redwoods in Humboldt County need your help! Again!
(And just when you thought that ancient trees in State Parks are protected...)

For those of you waiting for the magic moment to jump into the Save Richardson grove campaign, the time is right now! Caltrans may be cutting trees at Richardson Grove State Park as you are reading this call to action.

Only yesterday, Caltrans fell multiple 3-4 foot diameter trees right next to the 101 just south of Richardson Grove at the highways 1 and 101 intersection at Leggett. It is likely that our "Redwood Curtain" is next!

Direct action training is coming to the Redwood Curtain! A gathering focused on defending our State Park from the Caltrans R.I.P.(Richardson grove "Improvement" Project) is set to begin May 28th-30th.

All are invited to help organize, conduct trainings, and participate in this forum in solidarity under the "Earth First!" principles of non-violence, anti-oppression, and of course "No Compromise in the defense of Mother Earth.

The point of action happen to be along highway 101 as it intersects through Richardson grove State Park, the Redwood Curtain. Maps and info are available at the Caltrans R.I.P. project page.

Defend the redwoods, oaks and madrones located along the highway from this federally illegal project. The campaign has so much support from the community, no one here wants to see the demise of the ancient trees that are the Redwood Curtain.

All that is missing is YOU! Your unique skills, diversity, experiences, energies and most of all love for trees! Only 3% remain of our ancient forests. We cannot afford to put these trees in jeopardy to subsidize the movement of longer trucks for a few greedy local businesses.

Caltrans has just canceled the Marbled Murrelett surveys that would have put this project on hold until September 15th. Caltrans may have already begun tree removal by the time you read this alert.

Richardson grove has been labeled by the pro-project media as the "Environmentalists' Last Stand". If this is true, you better be there on May 28th...

Contact: humboldtforestdefense [at] for info and how to get involved.

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