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Friday, March 19, 2010

Peace March Saturday 12 Noon Eureka Courthouse

"We seek the democracy you've endlessly spoken of,
but never seem to mean,

We march together with this profound and impassioned public outcry ...

Joining with Americans everywhere, all of us wanting
that you absolutely know!

We're sickened by your violent practices against humanity abroad
and here at home.

We're appalled by your wasted fortunes on these incorrigible wars,

literally condemning our chances for funding
our overwhelming domestic choices.

We loathe massive productions meddling with earth, now demanding quick responding efforts,

but seeing you're obsession blinds and toward responding, you're never inclined.

We see we face this never ending... ever disintegrating-usurping of
our rights and very lives!

We know too, we won't endure that well, just choosing to ride this through.

Thus it dawning (or was it being compelled) to finally see how maybe,
after all,

It's our moment, 'our' history...and how, of course, it's written by what we do !

"Yes" and embracing our part, our share in all this emerging scenario

And together making our way, empowered by fuller meaning of our devotions

and our part in destiny."

Bothering to be public to gather and to grow!

We have no intention whatsoever of forgetting who we are!

Thus we'll celebrate as well Mar 20, as surely as the people of South Africa danced

before those powers refusing them recognition,

never forgetting their good will nor natural exuberance and fun .

"Of course it's family friendly and an exceptional time

to have our kids involved!"

See you Saturday

Empowered personally and as a people

Just as with raising our children, everything we do personally and as a people counts

it's written by what we do !

Empowered by fuller meaning of our devotions

and our part in destiny.

ProPeace ProActive Now............March and Rally!

End The Wars.... Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Palestine

and America's immigration policy/system has led to a human rights crisis:

  • Immigrant homes are routinely raided

  • Hundreds of thousands of people are imprisoned, some indefinitely and without access to medical care

  • Thousands are deported away from their families

Now New York Senator Charles Schumer is proposing that all U.S. workers carry a biometric identity card as a way to clamp down on undocumented immigration

See you Saturday

Humboldt County Courthouse in EUREKA (I and 5th Streets)


12:00 Noon- Simultaneous WORKSHOPS
Nuclear power Local Rebellion

1:00pm- March/Rally....

Communities For Justice and Peace, Humboldt...holding marches / protests, sending out reports and research studies, exposing media bias and holding government accountable


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