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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Sun Valley poisoning Arcata Bottoms

This was given to me by an anonymous source. Keep in mind that Sun valley is notorious for employee abuses. If you live in the Arcata "bottoms", then you have even more to fear...


The Sun Valley Group

Don't let other people handle your work cloths. Keep the work cloths separate from the other family laundry, and wash them by themselves in detergent and hot water.

Unless you are a trained pesticide handler, the company will not let you mix, load, apply, handle pesticides, help anyone with these sorts of tasks, or work in an area where entry is restricted.

Protect yourself. Remember to wear work clothes that cover your skin, and to wash work clothes separately from the family laundry. Stay out of areas your employer tells you not to enter. Move away if pesticides drift into an area where you are working. And wash with soap and water after work and before eating, drinking, smoking, chewing gum, or using the toilet. By remembering and following these simple safety rules, you will greatly reduce the risk of being harmed by pesticides.


Then in Spanish next to the English...but Spanish was cut off on right side

No deje que otra gentle toque o lave su

ropa de trabajo, Mantenga su ropa del

trabajo separada de la ropa de la familiia

yu lavela separada con jabon y agua caliente...etc

A menos que usted sea un entrenado

tratante del pesticida, la compania no le

dara permiso a mezclare, embarcar,

aplicar, manejar pesticidas, ayudar a

cualiquier persona con estas classes de

tareas, o trabajar en una area donde est

restricta la entrada.

Protejase. Recuerde usar la ropa de

trabajo que cubra supiel, y lavar la ropa

de trabajo separado de la ropa de la

familia. permanezcase fuera de areas

que su lider de equipo le diga que no

entre. Muevase inmediata mente si los

pesticidas derivan en el area donde uste

esta trabajando. Y lavese con jabon y

aqua despues del trabajo y antes de

comer, tomar, fumar, masticar chicle, or usando el bano. Recordando y siguiend

estas reglas eimples de seguridad, usted

reducira grandemente el riesgo de ser

danado por los pesticidas.

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