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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Greenwash King of California

My Hero is Captain Planet, not some Green Washed-up actor.
Arnold thinks he's green. As a matter of fact, he has a fleet of HUMMERS that run on the the same gas that spews from both of his orifices. It turns out that Arnold is not as "Earth Friendly" as much as his green washed image begs to prove.

Richardson Grove is only one of eleven CalTrans projects across the State that may be "streamlined" past State Environmental reviews. This has upset groups such as the Sierra Club and the EDF. Whether it's drilling into the Berkeley Hills or trashing ecologically sensitive areas in San Diego, the barbaric side of Konan the Destroyer is beginning to take shape. Why the sudden flip-flop from the man who was supposed to save California from it's over consumptive and unsustainable energy woes?(Anyone remember Governor "Grey Out" Davis?)


That's what the supporters of usurping environmental regulations will argue. Please keep in mind that these are only temporary jobs, and the governors push for illegally streamlining these projects will be just enough employment to TEMPORARILY offset the states current unemployment statistic of 8.4% for a 12 year high.


Arnold wants to eliminate the 8 hour workday(Google it), providing little or no overtime compensation for California's hardest workers. Why would Arnold sacrifice principles to appease big business? "Developers and others in the construction industry have contributed $21.6 million to Schwarzenegger since he took office in 2003 after promising to take moneyed influence out of Sacramento. He's taken another $15 million from banks and other businesses, according to Consumer Watchdog."

Even actors can be boght and sold by big business special interests. We all must keep in mind that Arnold is a real live ACTOR(Ronald Reagan was a good actor too, but his presidency is debatable). The trouble is, Arnold thinks that he can cut red tape without damaging his green image. Swartzenegger is seeking help from President Barack Obama to waive Federal Reviews for these projects. How green is Obama? We shall see...

No, "They won't be back", at least when it comes to the critters that depend on the eco-systems that Arnold wishes to terminate(Apparently neither will Arnold for another term). Many of these projects are currently disputed by groups such as the Surfrider Foundation. Some smaller projects such as the tree removal project in Independence are being completed by CalTrans without State financing approval. CalTrans screwed up on a massive envronmental scale in Redding just one year ago, so why allow them cut around 2000 year old Redwoods in Richardson Grove. Along with the major responsibility of the Statewide Environmental Project of the Year in Tahoe, who the hell is in charge of CalTrans anyway?

I'd venture to say the mafia:
"I don't want to be a product of my environment. I want my environment to be a product of me."
From: "The Departed"

Please visit: to voice your opinion about these projects including the Richardson Grove expansion to multiple representatives at once. Your participation is vital and meaningful.

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