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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Berkeley rewrites trespassing law to prevent UC police from using it to arrest protesters

By Doug Oakley
Bay Area News Group
Article Launched: 10/23/2008 09:59:47 AM PDT

"The Berkeley City Council has rewritten its trespassing law to stop UC-Berkeley police from using it to arrest demonstrators on campus...New language makes an arrest on trespassing invalid if the person is exercising "freedom of speech or assembly on outdoor property owned and controlled by a public entity." It also includes the right of labor groups to picket on public property without being arrested for trespassing."

Rest of article

More UCPD abuse towards Oak's Defenders:


KRON Channel 4:
University Escalates Tactics - Use of Force to Remove Tree Sitters
UC Police Endanger Protester
Tree sitter "Dumpster Muffin" Interviewed

UC Police violence against the Berkeley Tree-sit
UC Police Step Up Violence at the Berkeley Oak Grove(hours before I jumped into the grove, watch for cops slashing razorblades above protester's heads)
Carol Strickman(Oak's Attorney) on UCPD Violence
Starve the Tree Sitters at the Stadium Oak Grove
No Food and Water for Berkeley Campus Tree Sitter
One More Berkeley Tree Sitter Comes Down and is Arrested(I surrendered peacefully)

UC Berkeley Oak Grove Arborist Cut Ropes Endangering Life / Safety of Tree Sitter

UC Berkeley Police Squad!: Taking the Street(Was I ever served or made aware of any injunction?)
Officer Hernandez Versus The Peace People(How many officers have been injured?)

UC Berkeley Oak Grove - Tree Sitters Extraction(1/4 way through has UCPD brutal force)

Wild Tree protest in Berkeley(meant to be negative towards Oak's defenders, but shows UCPD beating people again)

UCPD Harassment of Oak Grove Tree-Sit Dec 2006 - Sept 2007(Mellow compared to most videos)

Save the Memorial Oak Grove

Ashley Trott:
Jeff Muskrat coming
Jeff Muskrat leaving

David Weinstein:
The UC Berkeley Treesit

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