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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Fire Bombings and FBI Raids...history repeated?

From The Daily Californian:

"Campus officials said that "more than a few" threatening e-mails were sent from the Long Haul Infoshop to UC Berkeley faculty and staff, leading the campus to seek a search warrant for various data storage devices at the shop. While threatening e-mails to the campus are generally not that common, most of the recent ones are about "hot-button issues" like the tree-sit and animal research, said campus spokesperson Robert Sanders."

The word on the street is that since the Santa Cruz Tree-sit aims to prevent the contsruction of a biomedical research lab, the Feds may be trying to somehow connect to arson of a home and car belonging to 2 different UCSC animal researchers two weeks ago to Berkeley. It is a fact that the LRDP resistance treesit action in Santa Cruz aims to prevent the contsruction of a biomedical research lab. The LRDP Resistance and UCSC Tree-sit are both non-violent actions. Why would Santa Cruz resort to violence?

Many activists believe that the Long Haul Anarchist Bookstore in Berkeley was targeted by the Feds yesterday because of the "connection" of the bookstore to the Berkeley Tree-Sit , which is completely a seperate action from the UCSC treesit. Sound paranoid? The raid involved four UC Berkeley cops and a bogus search warrant. The Long Haul is not on UC Berkeley property, or in the UCPD's jurisdiction.

Let's look at the facts. Both UC campus actions are peaceful and non-violent actions. Both are effective actions and are opposing destruction of greenspaces and are opposing the greed of corrupted officials and policies. Both campuses have historical connections to nukes, military weapons, blue-blooded elitests, and active protests. And both actions have the support of the community.

I would wager a bet that the arson was perpetrated by the Feds in order to smear the UCSC action and squash the LRDP resistance. I would also bet that UC Berkeley used the fires as an excuse to swipe hard drives from the Long Haul and install fear and paranoia into Berkeley activists, connected to the Oaks campaign or not.

The Feds bombed Darryl Cherney and Judy Bari back in the eighties as they were on their way to court. They claimed that Judi and Darryl had the bomb in their car. We all know that this was untrue and unbecoming of non-violent civil disobedience. Who the hell would bring a bomb to court while trying to save trees? The bomb in Judi and Darryl's car WAS planted, the recent fires in Santa Cruz were most likely covert ops and the Feds are actively pursuing effective actions in order to squash social movements, protests, and most importantly...revolutions!

I hope that by being out in the open about peaceful and non-violent civil disobedience will protect activists from being set up by the Feds. It may also inspire more people to get involved and help involve the community overall. Furthurmore, the communty must also stand up and protect these heros and heroines. Security culture is necessary sometimes, but let's not forget that the more exclusive we become about non-violent actions, the more it appears as if we are guilty of a crime.

Afterall, who is really breaking the or them?

Jeff Muskrat

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Jeff Muskrat said...

It was just pointed out to me that Darryl and Judi were on their way from Oakland to Berkeley to pickup their banjo player for an organizing concert in Santa Cruz when their car was bombed, not enroute to court.

It makes me feel that Berkeley really is "Bezerkeley", that the darker historical connections (ie. nukes, go google it) between the State Universities still exist. I just watched someone who was following me remove all of the fliers I put up today for the Pot Luck. The walls may have ears, but those ears also have walls.

Please come join us today Sat Aug. 30th at 3PM, bring a dish, a friend, and a postive attitude. Visit for info and directions.

There will probably be fun and shenanigans, so don't forget your sense of humor.