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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

-Call to Action in Berkeley!-

reposted from email-

ALERT: Memorial Oak Grove Tree-Sitters UNDER SEIGE- Please Support Them!

To all of you in the Bay Area, and to any folks you can pass this message to:

The tree-sitters and supporters of the 18 month urban treesit have been
and right now are being attacked. The University has hired arborists from
Williams Tree Service in Watsonville to extract tree-sitters. The
extractors are dangerous in their methods (leaving cut ropes hanging under
sitters), cutting down all survival and climbing supplies, leaving sitters
with nothing (including life lines). The cops have been obstructing the
view of what is going on from people on the ground, and they have been
aggressively going after people doing Ground Support. A few people have
been arrested, about 10 sitters are still up in the trees. Since the cops
and the University put up fences around the grove a few months ago and
have been criminalizing people for supplying the sitters, Grandmothers for
the Oaks have been passing the sitters survival gear and food- and now the
Grandmas are being arrested and hurt by the police!

PLEASE go to Piedmont and Bancroft and be PRESENT. Help with supplies and
supplying. Help with funds. Strategize. Call/Fax the mayor, the city
counsel, the governor, and express your outrage. Help with a cell phone
and other communication devices; the tree-sitters' phone was taken. Bring
and use a video camera. Help edit video of the attacks. GO TO THE

The number there is 510-938-2109. But don't wait if you don't get to talk
with talk someone. Just go.

If you want more info on the Grove, go to this website:

Supporters are needed there NOW. The grove is located in the 2000
block of Piedmont Ave in Berkeley, one block north of Bancroft Way.



Jack Gescheidt said...

I was at the grove on Wednesday, June 18 and was moved by what I saw and wrote about it in my own blog, here:

Think globally, act locally; here's your chance!

- Jack Gescheidt,

XANTAR!!!!! said...

Thank you Jack, we posted your link.