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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Camp Out Ended Today With Success

The camp out kicked ass! There were several skillshares involving numerous folks, backwoods hiking, strategizing and talk about the future of forest defense here. We packed up camp today. Many relocated to an unspecified backwoods location to join and support ongoing forest defense activities. As they say, the rest is "need to know".

If you would like to get involved please call or email.


McCabeandco said...

Great to see a forest activist still doing the stuff that matters. Well done. Are you fellas into direct action (Earth First) or non-violence?(or both) I reckon as time goes on, and resources dwindle, it is only going to lead to more confrontations. You fellas in the US and Canada are in the thick of it. We in OZ get your government's forest policies and reactions or inactions many years after you. It's your domino someone in your world likes to call it. Look after yourself. Just remember an activist needs occassional sex and a slab of beer to get them through :) not my ideas but they belong to a certain doyen of forest activism here in the West Australia. Go well, Tim McCabe

Mattole Wildlands Defense said...

Hi Tim,

Thanks for writing, I accidentally erased your other comment. Yes, we are into non-violent actions and some would call themselves Earth First!ers as well.

It is really good to hear from someone in OZ, I read and hear things about forest defense over there often. It's encouraging. Maybe we can work out some cultural exchange to learn and share tactics, organizing styles and other ideas.

good luck!


Mattole Wildlands Defense said...

"activist needs occassional sex and a slab of beer to get them through :)"

I hear ya on that one, don't we all?