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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Announcement For Camp Out, May 2nd to 9th

Preliminary announcement of the next Forest Defense Skillshare. We'll be rendezvousing in the Ancient Redwoods here in Humboldt. More details will be out shortly. Stay tuned. Inviting old-timers and newcomers alike!

Check out these reflections on last years spring Skillshare at the Mattole River Beach.


And some stuff on our more recent Action Camp at Grizzly Creek.



XANTAR!!!!! said...

Good times...:)

I wish there was a way to get Trees Foundation, Epic, NEC, and other legitamate non-profits to speak at the action camp on behalf of their goals, accomplishments, and the history of the movement.

We have an opportunity to make this final push to expel the pus(PL) that has effected our forests for much too long. We need to protect what is left, and PL is making plans to wipe out a sizeable chunk of what remains. We need the support of the community, the workers, and most importantly, the environmental community.

This would be a great time to come together and use our collective skills to take what may be the last stand against PL. I would propose that we hold a Redwoods Climate Action and Convergence.

John Doe #86 said...

I wish there was a way to get Trees Foundation, Epic, NEC, and other legitamate non-profits to speak at the action camp

There is, we invite them.

I'm guessing PL is out of the picture based on what I've been reading but who really knows? Don't like the pimple analogy but I for one am content to let PL's rivals do the pushing while in the meantime we forest defenders do our thing organizing and taking it to the trees.

I think that we need to do our thing and those who want to help will continue to help and support.

There are many threats to the environment that direct action folks could address, it's kind of a triage situation though with PL/Scopac threatening to cut down ancient trees that are irreplaceable in our lifetimes. It's not just about aesthetics, these trees are home to the endangered Marbled Murrelet and other rare life forms and a far more valuable to the world standing than as lumber.

What do you envision for such a convergence Xantar?

XANTAR!!!!! said...

I feel that we have a lot to celebrate as two of our actions, Fern Gully and Nanning Creek, will claim victorious this fall. In addition, Pacific Lumber's future may be decided in favor of either Mendocino Redwoods(positive?), or a combination all plans(negative?…probably!). At this point, even the new Andy Beal plan would be a dreadful consideration by Judge Schmidt, an eleventh hour surprise I believe was inferred to. The future of forest activism surrounding PL will be decided soon, possibly changing the focus, tactics and intensity of local activists and non-profits.

Local environmental groups deal with a lot more than just PL issues. I feel this is an opportunity to look at Humboldt County in a broader spectrum as far as nature's need for protection. Tree-sits are not the only way to save our forests, although this fall is a major victory for local sitters. Tree-sits have also been popping up at universities such as Berkeley and Santa Cruz. Humboldt has a rich history of using tree-sits to defend trees, whether it works or is worth the time or resources is sometimes debated.

I feel they do and have worked. We are the first line of defense. Whether or not corporations like MAXXAM or PL are opposed and defeated in court is up to others. Legal matters are not necessarily my forte, and I‘d much rather be in the woods than a stuffy courtroom. Critics of sitting say we “can’t see the forest through the trees”. I disagree. I acknowledge that we see these areas wiped out around us while holding onto portions that are defendable. This is a painful burden. But I feel we do the best we can with what we are given, with the best intentions. Our success is earned by dedication and cooperation, it is more tangible for me. That’s why I’m involved. Along with the wonderful friendships I’ve made and of course the danger action in direct action.

I feel that this camp could be with the same intentions as it always has been. We need to network with others. We need to promote safety and non-violence. We need to inspire others to take action, whether it is here or elsewhere around the planet where nature‘s duty calls. We should feel great about what we’ve done, what we do, and what we inspire others to do. Most of all, we need to create an atmosphere of co-operation, transparency, and nobility. We should be proud of our accomplishments, and we should join in celebration with the hope and intention of only the best outcome from the decision over PL with our friends and colleagues, whether or not they agree with our tactics.

Our last camp had quite a turnout. I feel that we can have the same turnout, only this time the attendees will hopefully be more diverse and locally involved in multifaceted forms of planet defense. I hope that the itinerary remains open to all who wish to share. I feel that this will be a great opportunity to seek direction and guidance from our alliances as we look forward to the future of our forests and the defense of what remains.

John Doe #86 said...

I think that the camp will have many similarities to our past camps but will be a new thing of it's own. That's just based on the fact that we are facing a new situation and I think it will take a bit of cultural/strategic evolution in order to adapt.

While it looks like this autumn will mark two important successes we need to keep our defenses up and remember that the the future may hold some suprises.

For every person who thinks that tree-sitting "doesn't work", there is someone who thinks it's never a bad idea. I don't agree with either.

I think the action that will realistically protect the largest area, given the numbers and resources of an organization, is the right one.

I was happy with last Septembers camp and if that many people it would be cool. That said, there has been less public outreach for this camp out so far.

I thought the crowd was quite diverse and I will be happy even with a small group of friends to banter with and to enjoy the gorgeous sights and sounds of the forest.