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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Another take on Mendocino Redwood.

Regardless of the claims or actions of any of the parties in the bankruptcy, well be staying on task with forest defense actions and waiting to see what happens. While some believe that Mendocino Redwood Company is better than Maxxam/Pacific Lumber, they have a way to go before meeting all Humboldt Forest Defense standards due to the use of herbicides and clearcutting. Actions speak louder than words, we'll have to see what MRC does if they end up in control of the company. I seriously hope they are telling the whole truth when they say they don't log old-growth.

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XANTAR!!!!! said...

I totally agree MWD. I did appreciate Sandy's remarks in regards to his opinion of ending herbicide use after the restoration of the Oak and hardwood dominated areas had been achieved. But there are better ways of "rehabbing" these areas without the usage of chemicals, such as manual removal, which could create much needed jobs.

As far as "traditional clearcutting" and MRC's alleged "sustainable clearcutting", it seems that this may be a ploy to greenwash the fact that ALL clearcuts create sedimentation and soil stability issues, as well as deplete necessary nutrient and soil organism functions. Plus it's kind of hard for endangered species such as the southern torrent salamanders to get up and run from certain death and destruction before and during a clearcut operation.

I guess we shouldn't crack open the champagne bottles quite yet...