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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

UC Berkeley plans to cut more trees in Albany, Ca!

What's the deal?

Is UC Berkeley the new inner city greenspace removal team?(Well, in fact they are, check out UC Berkeley's "feel good about the tree massacre disinformation plan")

Why would they do this? The UC claims that the trees, all 317 of them, are diseased and a hazard to the public. But check out the real reason, which has to do with UC greed and corruption.

Photo by LinJun Fan
Albany, Ca is only 2.46 miles away from the UC Berkeley campus. The plan is to remove 317 (yes, that's three hundred and seventeen) Monterey Pines from the Gill Tract starting Janurary 28th.

Albany Mayor Robert Lieber does not feel that the removal of so many Monterey Pines is necessary. "I'm disappointed that we're removing so many trees," he said. "I didn't think there was community outreach to educate people about why they'll need to be removed. I'm skeptical that they all need to be removed as the university says. Hopefully, we can preserve some."
With the overwhelming support recieved by the community in favor of the Berkeley Treesit, it is interesting that the UC thinks they can get away with this. And with the juxtaposition of the new greenspace slaughter plan in Albany, I'm sure the UC will recieve the much deserved opposition as they have for the past year over their destructive plans. Afterall, the new plan is only a hop, skip and a jump from the Berkeley action.
To reach the UC Berkeley's Manager, Grounds Operations & Pest Management Services AKA treeslayer, here is his info. Please call or write him, I'm sure he would love to hear from you.
Phil Cody
And here is his boss:
Associate Director, Custodial, Grounds, and Environmental Services
Chris Lee
Stories and info obtained from above links.
Thank you Dean for getting this out, you have the best and most up to date environmental action information. I recommend readers to check out
Again, this post is regarding the Bay area, so please visit the Berkeley treesit, the Midnight Special Law collective and the Bay Area Coalition for Headwaters for more information and how to participate in Bay area non-violent actions.
Please visit or email to recieve information regarding our current local Humboldt County actions. We provide free non-violent direct action training and climbing trainings in the Humboldt County area for all interested activists.

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