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Friday, September 28, 2007

Long Live The Giving Trees

September 26 2007

On this Full Moon
of Abundance

we find ourselves taking,

taking more than we need

and threatening to bleed

the big, bold, and bright

green Giants giving off

sweet, soft air

and haven

to a thousand living things.

Please do not cut these Beings down.

Please do not kill for profit

or for proposed and supposed Human benefit.

I know, and you know, that we would all much more deeply benefit

from the living with

and learning from

the silent stance of beauty and strength

that these Redwoods embody and instruct.

Murder is fuct

and not part of this dream.

Go downstreamwith your gas-powered saw

where your life is ruled

by unruly law

and the belief

in your separation

and power overlife.

Go downstream

with pain and strife.
These Redwoods stand free

as you and me

and we join in agreement

to acknowledge our

inherent right to live out our lives

in peace

and in full blooming beauty

without threat of death

from another.

The wind blows

from end to end,

life to life

and the living never dies,

only flies

in different


through different


of colorand light;

the eternal flight

of the eternal flower.


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