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Tuesday, August 7, 2007


We are brought together with the common goal of preventing old-growth logging, clear cutting, the use of herbicides and non-sustainable forestry in all areas of the region, the nation and the planet.

1.US-101 SOUTH PAST EUREKA 2. Turn LEFT onto HWY36. 17.1 miles 3. End at Grizzly Creek Redwoods Park: 16949 State Highway 36, Carlotta, CA 95528, US

1.US-101 NORTH PAST SCOTIA/RIO DELL 2.Turn SLIGHT RIGHT onto CA-36. 17.1 miles 3.End at Grizzly Creek Redwoods Park: 16949 State Highway 36, Carlotta, CA 95528, US

1.FROM REDDING, CA, follow CA-299 W. 38.1 miles 2.CA-299 W becomes CA-3. 35.4 miles 3.CA-3 becomes CA-36. 54.8 miles End at Grizzly Creek Redwoods Park: 16949 State Highway 36, Carlotta, CA 95528, US

What to Bring:

-Camping Gear- Tent or tarp, sleeping bag, light or headlamp, musical instruments, etc.

-Food- For 4-5 days, as well as utensils(bowl, cup, eatingware)

ोवे and Non-Violence-If you can't bring all of the above items, love and peace is all you need!

What to Expect:

-Activist training- A broad spectrum of trainings offered by various activists from the Pacific Northwest and beyond

-Open Skill Sharing- Of skills, stories, music, love and kindness

-Direction- What our purpose is, what our actions are, share your purpose, share your actions(how and where to help)

What is not accepted:

-Heirarchy- of any type, ego, sex, etc.

-Violence- both physical and verbal

-Illegal Drugs- Please leave illegal drugs and alcohol at home

-Slacktivism- This is not a place to sit on your hands and do nothing, there is enough of that going on nationwide. We all have something to contribute.

To volunteer time and skill, or to help support this opportunity TO inspire and guide future generations of activists, please call 707-845-9046 or email The location (under one hour drive from Arcata, Ca) will be announced here at the HFDA blog and by voice recording at the above number the day before of Action Camp. Carpools are forming from Arcata and Eureka.


Anonymous said...

Please remember that Northern California is in fire restrictions. No campfires outside of developed camp areas, please plan your action camp accordingly.

camper said...

copy that, fire safety will be in effect at the camp site which I think will be at a state park campground.

Bolithio said...

It would be nice if you included a Forestry workshop at the Action Camp. This might help young budding atavists learn some perspective about what how Forestry plays a role in developing logging plans. It would be useful to learn how mitigations are developed within the THP process - from sediment savings from the corrections of "legacy" effects, to the drainage of roads, and the practical application of silviculture.

Also discussing forest succession in general would help atavists make more educated decisions about what is and what isn't "Old Growth", how much forest is really left, and what the impacts are and their levels of significance - in terms of negative effects.


The action camp is a skill share as well. We welcome anyone to offer any skills that would prove useful to our cause such as sustainable forestry. If you feel compelled, we invite anyone who has a skill to share or offer the group. The itinerary of skillshares/workshops is open to the public, with open time slots available first come, first serve.

sab said...

I'm planning to attend the camp, I can give rides, leaving on Thursday, Sept. 6th and Returning Sunday night/Monday morning (to and from Arcata). What is a good time to arrive at the camp on Thursday? I can pick people up at Muddy Waters in Arcata, I have room for 3 people. I have a truck so I can also bring supplies. I can be reached at

F said...


It's a good idea to talk about forest health and the successon of forest growth. It can be tricky becuase not even so-called experts are in total agreement over what constitutes oldgrowth, some say 180+ years old qualifies a tree or grove as oldgrowth.

I'll be sure to talk about forestry. My beliefs on mitigation are probably different than yours but I'll mention that too, usually it gets a laugh.

Alex said...

Would it be ok to only come for the weekend? A few friends and I all want to come, but we all have class and/or work until Friday.

John Doe #86 said...

Whenever you have time to be there is great. There will be ongoing trainings and much to do in the way of forest defense..

Galen Joel, student said...

I am a student, looking for a ride to and from Arcata for the action camp. It would be great to go with the group that is only going for the weekend. I must be back on Sunday night by 6pm. I can't leave on Thursday until 6pm. Please contact me.

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

I am a student also looking for a ride from Arcata also but I can't leave until later on friday and I do need to return on sunday. If anyone is going around that time it would be wonderful. please contact me at Thank you.

Anonymous said...

It would be good for everyone needing transportation from Arcata and Eureka to action camp to meet at the Arcata CO-OP kiosk at 10AM and the Eureka CO-OP around:) 10:30AM. Rides back and forth could be possible through coordination between the blog and the camp. Email spooner at spooner direct dot org for ride coming from eugene.

Journeyman said...

What do you guys wipe your butt with if not trees?