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Sunday, July 1, 2007

Save Fern Gully

As developers and logging companies push further and further into the wilderness, leaving a wake of destruction and permanent change in their path, it is comforting to know that there are still a few places on the edge of so-called “civilization” that have been left untouched.
FERN GULLY, named by forest protection activists, is one of these places where life can still flourish for trees and plants, forest creatures and fairies. The FERN GULLY tree-sit village is one of the longest running No. California forest actions in which defenders protect a glorious grove of Ancient Redwood, Sitka Spruce and Douglas-Fir trees. with their hearts, minds, spirits, and of course, their bodies.
FERN GULLY, with towering trees such as “Libertal”, ”Sundance”, ”Patience”, and “Watsi”, is just northeast of Eureka, CA in Freshwater, a hotspot in recent years for forest defense actions. Maxxam/PL’s logging plan (THP#01-446) is directly above Freshwater Creek across from an elementary school. Each immense and magnificent tree occupied in the Gully stands on a fern-covered steep slope. Destroying this awe-inspiring area would not only devastate precious tree, plant and animal habitat, but would also increase silting from slope runoff-- into the already sediment-impaired creek.
FERN GULLY is walking distance from US Highway 101. FERN GULLY is close
enough to residential homes in the area to hear conversations of the
residents. Besides the fact that ancient trees are vanishing at an
alarming rate, FERN GULLY is unique because it is becoming harder to find virgin forest so close to ‘development’.
FERN GULLY is currently in danger. In October 2006, when FERN GULLY defenders thought we were in the clear, and not the clear cut, due to the long-awaited expiration of the logging plan, Pacific Lumber through California Department of Forestry extended the plan for at least another year. This is truly disheartening; however, after defending FERN GULLY for over three years, we will continue to guard the sacred area, so that it thrives for many years to come.
Please help save one of the last groves of ancient forest-- in danger of being overrun by ‘civilization’. In just a few work hours, this centuries old ecosystem could vanish. We persevere with dignity, hard work, and love and respect for the trees and for all forms of life.
Donate time, energy, and resources by calling Humboldt Forest Defense at 707-845-9046 or page the tree-sit directly at 707-618-9047.
Forest defenders are delighted by care packages, and you can send them to:
FERN GULLY, PO Box 567, Arcata, CA 95518.
Checks can be written to EarthFirst! and sent to the above P.O. Box.
Please support the Earth through persistent action and participation.

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