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Friday, June 29, 2007


Referenced by Humboldt Forest Defense
On 06-29-2007

George Bush has surprised the nation throughout his presidency, such as invading Iraq for supposed “weapons of mass destruction” and stealing an election through voter fraud. Now he is going after environmentalists where it hurts the most. By reinterpreting the Endangered Species Act, Bush has again favored on the side of big business and corruption.

The new interpretation limits protections for endangered species to exclusively where plants and animals are stressed. Areas where endangered species are healthy or non-existent are left unprotected, opening the floodgates for an eco-destruction tidal wave.

Wildlife Disservice director Dale Hall claims that the new interpretation will focus efforts on protecting areas that endangered species are inhibited. According to Kieran Suckling, policy director for the Center for Biological Diversity in Tucson, eighty percent of currently protected 1,300 species will be removed from the current list if the new Bush interpretation is upheld

Areas currently considered under the protection of the Endangered Species Act will be open to logging, mining and development. Much of the area(80%?) we thought was saved by environmental legal networks such as EPIC will be back on the chopping block.

Hopefully, the reinterpretation will fail. However, if Bush gets his way, this will be the mother of all calls to action. The majority of the thinking public will not stand by and let our natural places be overrun by big business and shameless profiteers. RISE UP, RESPOND, ACT NOW!

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